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I was in so much pain! I didn't have any honey so I tried the celery. I stalk worked! Thank you!

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I must seriously agree with the 1 celery stalk. It definately works! I have been up for 2 hours in serious pain. I have ate one celery stalk and now I feel better so that I can go back to bed.


I've just woke up with the WORST acid reflux to the point it was making me vomit. Its 4am and I searched remedies. Did the celery because I had some and I am extremely shoked that it worked so well. I've neved written a comment but thought this deserved one


i must say that the celery stock did the trick, i was miserable.. i feel 100% better...


I've never written a comment as well but I was trying to find some home remedies to fix his acid reflux so I gave him a celery stick well several ones because they were smaller and he said it made him feel much better will comment again if he totally feels 100% better thanks for the advice


Omg I just got my acid reflux and my belch was horrible I felt like throwing up I ate all the celery that was left in my house and im here to say I feel 100% better:) use this remedy

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