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My dog had sarcoptic mange. The vet failed us miserably. I don't think it was in his game plan to actually heal her. I tried olive oil, lemon oil sprays, lavender, ACV, honey (good luck with that), borax and sulphur cream. What finally worked for me was to put something called Mite Avenge on him and sprinkle diatemacious earth on his bed, the carpet & furniture cushions. Something worked. It never came back.

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Where can you find it and how much does it cost roughly?


wherecan iget that suff


I looked it up online its like $89.95. I'm gonna save my money and try it. SOunds like it should work.


I've tried the listerine, baby oil, and water. Didn't work. Used it for 3 days in a row. All it did was stink out my house and my dog looked worse, and still scratched all night. Then I tried medicated dandruff shampoo, scrubbed it in real good and rough. Let it sit on him for 5 minutes and rinsed well. We all slept better, and he slept all day the next day. Repeated every other day for 1 week. Problem solved :) now he gets a bath once a week with medicated dandruff shampoo...don't ever want to go thru that again. Poor thing!

kerin gordon

diatemacious earth is very cheap. we pay about 20.00 for either a 20 or 40 pound bag at the feed store. put on manure to get rid of flies, mosquitos. put in the food to get rid of parasites like worms. good for cats dogs and humans. get food grade d earth NOT POOL grade. that will kill you. google it, its a miracle....all the stuff it is good for.all natural non toxic. really dries out your hands...i alread have exema but dont use gloves so i should know better


Thanks for the tip. I ordered it from their web site. It worked. She finally stopped itching.


Could you tell me the ingredients in Mite Avenge? I've looked up online, but they don't list the ingredients. thx


Under the FAQ's, they list some of the ingredients. One is dihydrogen dioxide (hydrogen peroxide); another is disodium tetraborate (Borax per Wiki). It also contains several other ingredients. I'm on the fence about using a borax-type treatment on my older dog, so I appreciate your question!!

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