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Prasad Sakamuri

Dear readers,
I am post-doc in biological sciences. Recently, I suffered with severe tooth cavity pain (horrible during night times). I used analgesics,anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. They have given me temporary relief. Repeatedly I used to get pain with low grade fever.
We Indians use turmeric in food and for skin health (from thousands of years). Even it is mentioned in oldest Indian medical books.
I read that it has antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory nature (Now NIH, USA is conducting 72 clinical trials on curcumin, main component of turmeric).
I tried turmeric powder for my tooth pain. It worked excellently even much much better than drugs I used previously. I don't have pain, inflammation or fever.
Just take small swab of cotton. Wet it with water and dip in turmeric powder (powder should stick to all the surface area of the swab). Put it in the cavity for 1 to 2 hours. Observe the effect. More than 48 hours I don't have any symptom. I felt it as a wonder.

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