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hi, just lately i had to have my wisdom teeth pulled out, but unfortunatly a few day's later the payne was unbearable, so what i did, being in so much payne i've taken 4-5 aspirins mashed, added little spinkles of salt and water to make a past, then filled the whole, well i'd say 5 minutes later the payne was from a 10 to a 2....try it,,,,it worked for me 'dry socket' was what i had....

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I dont care how they spelled it, no big deal so lets stop worrying about it. But this remedy really did work, last week i had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled(yes, ouch) eerything seemed to be going fine except for the agony in one of my sockets, i had no idea what to do, i tried the clove oil and i kept burning my tongue on the gauze. Especialyy being in highschool and having sports going on, its really importantto get back out there. So i tried this right i after i read it and it worked! Thanks soo much! :)


I just had my two lower wisdoms extracted a week ago. I was up to 2 percocets every couple of hours just to get through - I was in a LOT of pain. Dentist told me I did NOT have dry sockets, though every symptom I read about told me I did. A friend suggested to me last night that I should try Goody's powder. My husband immediately went and got some. You can pick some up at any drug or grocery store. I mixed it into a paste and placed it in the holes. INSTANT RELIEF, after a WEEK of suffering badly!!! After the pain went away, I rinsed my mouth out. It lasts for several hours. Pain went from 9 - 10 to a zero! I'm not advertising for this product, but just trying to offer y'all another method. It tastes horrible, but it is worth it. I haven't had a percocet in almost 24 hrs. Take care and God Bless!

Rebecca Willis

If you are looking for a good brand of clove oil, try Youn Living. Young Living is so far the purest brand I have found; almost all of their oils are safe to be used internally! THe only ones that are not are those that the plant itself is not safe for internal use. They have a web site: and they do carry clove oil! I use their Theives blend, which has cinnamon, clove, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus combined. My children and I take shots of the oil daily (you can put a few drops right in your mouth, but it burns! If that bothers you add the drops to milk or honey and drink it! I put it into gelatin capsules and give it to my dogs. This oil works to numb the area, and is also antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antifungal, etc etc...) Theives should be used every day for mouth care! Or plain clove. They sell the mouth care ready made with Theives, but I am too cheap! I make my own. I buy food grade aloe vera juice (health food store or in the laxative section at wal-mart!) and use it as a mouth wash: just add a few drops of clove or theive oil to the 6oz of aloe vera juice and use it daily. You can also add a bit of salt or baking soda if you wish, or peroxide to the swish mix for extra cleaning and whitening!
Aloe vera juice works great for natural leave-in hair conditioner! And great as a facial rinse. Or laxative:) Good stuff!

And can't everyone just be nice to each other? Are we really here to make fun of each other about spelling? Bad vibes bring back more bad vibes in return. Lets send out some love instead, what else are we here for?


I just had 2 wisdom teeth extracted on Friday morning, one upper, one lower, both on the same side, and the lower one was impacted. I went to the health food store, got some clove oil, took a small piece of gauze the dentist gave me and soaked it in olive oil, then put a few drops of the clove oil on it and rubbed it into the gauze. All I did was put the gauze up against the stitches and left it there for about an hour. I can not begin to tell you the relief I am feeling now!! You don't even have to pack the socket, if you are squeamish like I am. I am going to repeat this a couple more times before I go to bed and hopefully the pain will be gone soon!! Good luck!


my pharmacist told me that the toothache kit will not only NOT work, it could possibly make it worse! i'm so confused and all i want is pain relief!

Slick Rick

I have just had four teeth pulled. I have found the remedies listed here very helpful, thank you all. the tea bag works for me also. But i have a problem... I have been a smoker for 18 years. now i can cut back on it alot but stopping is just not an option for me. does anyone have any ideas to where i can get my gums to heal correctly and the clot to not dislodge, without going into nicotine withdrawals?? lol.


Am suffering from dry socket, will the Four Thieves mixture work, and how do I use it. Do I need to dilute it with water or oil.


I just had a broken root canal tooth that was infected extracted yesterday... I took allot of ibprophin and extra strength the dentist prescribed? * that did not work...So Next I did the organic clove oil...after six hours seeing that the blood clot did not form...A Dry Socket? * switching ice packs on the jaw bone *&* on the extracted tooth site. * Clove Oil is Not but making a Dent? * So I ran across Your Comment...Thank You! * its Now Working for Me!! * pain level #2 just like You Said...I Did as You said...but I Used Not regular table Salt...But "Fine Himalayan Pink Sea Salt" has allot of Trace Minerals like: calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and Iron a product from Pakistan and found at Walmart for around $5.00 (12.5oz) Brand: Old Thompson...since 1944 Wonderful Sea Salt...and I was Out of Pain *&* I Slept Eleven Hours! * And I Could eat harder Foods Now! * Thank You For Posting This...My Extraction Site is On The Mend! * God Bless You! ?????????????


I'm out of pain because of your wonderful post...4-5 asprins smashed with pink sea salt that has allot of minerals... A few drops of water and make a paste and put in the dry socket hole where your tooth was extracted in 10-15 min. Pain level went from #10-#2 out of Pain...slept for eleven hours.. Now eating solid foods on the other good side of mouth! * feeling better and tooth extraction site is on the mend! * Yeahhh! * Thank You For Your comment it really helped Clove Oil only made a small dent on the pain as well as ibprophen or extra strength Tylenol! * Wow!

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