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hi, just lately i had to have my wisdom teeth pulled out, but unfortunatly a few day's later the payne was unbearable, so what i did, being in so much payne i've taken 4-5 aspirins mashed, added little spinkles of salt and water to make a past, then filled the whole, well i'd say 5 minutes later the payne was from a 10 to a 2....try it,,,,it worked for me 'dry socket' was what i had....

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Lina So

I just bought 'clove oil' from the GNC for $10 and soaked it in cotton on both sides because I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted and got very bad dry socket. Anyhow I bit down for 2 minutes and the pain is completely gone. I would suggest doing it every hour or so to relieve pain as necessary. It is spicy so don't get it on your tongue or lip!


I hurt so bad and can't sleep. No place is open til tomorrow...oh, my Lord, I hope the clove oil can be found tomorrow!


OHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Just sent hubby out for clove oil...I hope it works. I have never felt more horrendous pain. I would rather have three kids come out at once. My dentist is 200 miles away and says 'come on down' OUCHHHHHHHHHHH. Went to ER this morning they gave me a shot that did not do anything...PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!


i have a cheaper way if cost is a thing for sum people go to the spice section at your local grocery store and pick out cloves its .99 use a teaspoon and about 2 drops of water make it pasty and put it on cotton balls or gauze it works good and its cheap and you dont have to order it.


My dentist confirmed this method. I developed a dry socket and couldn't get to any dentist-it was the weekend. After web searching I went to the drug store and got oil of clove. (we always had this around for my Dad's toothaches when I was a kid) Fortunatly the local Rite-aid pharmacy had some behind the counter so you have to ask. A small 1/4 ounce bottle cost around $4 and was enough for the whole time. My dentist said using it at full strength is fine and I did. The chemical in Oil of clove(OOC) is the SAME as the medicine they use. Cut a very small strip of gauze (1cm x 2cm) soak it in OOC and pack it into the socket gently using a toothpick. Change this several times a day. I found it helpful to have pre-soaked peices of gauze ready(soaked and dried) they made it easier and change the gauze after eating to keep the stink away!. The clove oil is strong try not to get it anywhere in the mouth as it will feel like a burning and make you salivate heavily. You can use a baking soda gargle to freshen up the socket when changing the gauze. It took me a few weeks before the socket healed and the gauze wouldn't fit, then I just put a drop of OOC in there occasionally when I needed it and to provide antibaterial assistance in the still healing socket. Best of luck

Aj Malone

My doctor said NO ASPIRIN
as I do believe it prevents clotting
and thats what dry socket is, the absence of clotting
forget the spelling
you really should consider the advice


All these write ups are heaven-sent! Clove oil indeed is the best and fastest remedy for dry socket-pain! Today is my 8th day after 4 wisdom teeth extraction (1 impacted), and I was in extreme worst kind of pain I have ever felt in my life, I sucked in the pain at first, thought it was a normal part of the healing process. I couldn't help it anymore, so I had to call my oral surgeon, they took me in, got that familiar scent of clove packed in my dry socket and tada pain gone instantly! The only draw back is, the more u pack, the longer it takes for the socket to heal. So, after my surgeon took the dressing out the following day, I tried to mentally fight the pain w/c was growing again fr my dry socket. And after reading all these, I ran to Walgreens, didn't find Clove oil, but found this Toothache Kit w/c comes w/ Eugenol (this is made of Clove oil), doesn't come w/ a 'dropper' so I used the syringe I normally use for irrigating my socket, and made use of this as my Eugenol/Clove oil dropper into the socket and presto! Pain gone. I didn't want to put a cotton/gauze dipped in clove oil since it would slow down healing process, so a drop did the trick instead. Be careful though 'coz it does give a burning sensation to the mouth. But choosing between burning sensation over mother of all jaw aches?? I'd go for the burning sensation.


The smartest people I know don't spell very good. For many English is a second language.
Thank you for your post. the info is helpful!


Thank you so much to ALL these comments. But especially to the last one about Eugenol. I just got a back molar pulled yesterday. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out like 10 years ago but i was put to sleep and on pain killers for 3 weeks. 10 years later i do NOT take any opiates at all. Also I don't ever remember a hole.

So this socket has been killing me, absolutely no sleep last night. So today I go searching for home remedy's and i just read through all these comments. I couldn't get a ride to the store until later on tonight to get the clove oil everyone recommended. THANKUFULLY i got to the last post and i see the mention of Eugenol in a toothache kit. I remembered i had a kit that i remember a spicy oil that burned if i got it on anything else. I found it and it was in fact the Eugenol. So now i just used it and i barely feel the pain anymore.

Thank you!


hello all and GOD Bless all of you! got the clove oil and crushed clove oil to make a paste. tried the clove oil and it worked instantly!!!! what a blessing! thank all of you that posted

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