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hi, just lately i had to have my wisdom teeth pulled out, but unfortunatly a few day's later the payne was unbearable, so what i did, being in so much payne i've taken 4-5 aspirins mashed, added little spinkles of salt and water to make a past, then filled the whole, well i'd say 5 minutes later the payne was from a 10 to a 2....try it,,,,it worked for me 'dry socket' was what i had....

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My guy bought clove oil for dry soucket at our local Gnc. My question is safe to apply it without diluting the oil first?


Thanks to all of you for posting the benifit of clove oil. I was in the worst pain of my life and decided to try clove oil for my dry socket. It worked and I just woke up after sleeping in entire eight hours the first time in days!! If anyone has doubts of it's benifits don't. Clove oil is amazing!!!


God bless you all if this really works. I'm on way to get some now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had my tooth pulled 6 days ago and developed a dry socket. I had it packed yesterday and it was suppose to last. Well it started comming out today and hurting again. I am also on antibiotics. I can't get into the dentist till tomorrow. I hate this pain. It is awful. Pain meds are not even working anymore. Just make me sick. has anyone heard of tea bags working on a dry socket?


Oil of Clove or Clove oil is a good thing BUT people, please be careful with it. If you are buying 'Essential oil' (most common find) it needs to be 'cut' from it's 100% purity!! $5 for a small bottle of approx. 4ml of essential oil is fine! But reduce the strength-Essential oils are strong enough to burn the membranes and make you feel worse. Do this by mixing with regular vegetable or olive oil 1 part clove to 3 parts veg oil makes it very tolerable and cuts the burn which can be bad!

I've bee staving off a dry socket for 3 days now, I can't afford to go back-- most dentists will tell you the pain is all they can treat, the healing will occur on it's own.
But?? how can I self treat and still eat???? I need to keep the food from catching in there-- it's nasty! I haven't got a syringe to flush it and am hesitant-- how many days to wait before flushing rather than the gentle rinsing?? I've been dipping a swab in the clove oil to clean out the superficial gunk- I use an OTC benzocaine treatment called Kank-aid around the edge of the opening Not in it. Getting reaady to try and pack it myself.
***Here's what I will use. Paste of baking soda, crushed baby asprin, reduced strength clove oil as described,clean first then pack and HOPE to be able to eat without food going all in there! Thank goodness my pain is stil tolerable- it ONLY feels like a small kick in the side of my jaw lolol, but tylenol&motrin are enough. Aslo a menthol balm for the muscles of the neck can hel, gently massage with a sports rub- I like Tiger Balm.
Any suggestions by experienced self treaters is apreciated!


BTW- I think tea bags are better to stop bleeding. The tannins in the tea are responsible for -- well as I said for bleeding as far as I've read. Now a nice ginger tea is good for infammation in general, just cool it down if you have socket probs.


I got a tooth extracted monday and 3 days ear is throbbing and the side of my jaw. This is worse than the tooth ache itself. My dentist packed it with CLOVE OIL...and the relief was almost instant! I'm going to buy some from's only 6 bucks. And with this throbbing pain that meds do not help!...I'm relying on the clove lol Goodluck everybody. This has to be the worse.


MY dentist gave me a paste made from clove oil and benzocaine after irrgating the 'holes' with warm salt water I would put the paste in the holes the relief is almost immediate


I am generally not one to post up comments online... HOWEVER... After discovering this I had to post it up, in hopes that it would help someone out.

About 2 hours ago I was busy scouring the internet for any glimmer of hope for dry socket relief. It was the most painful thing that I have ever felt. I was taking Vicodin ES, alternating with Tylenol 3 and taking an antibiotic. Even still, the pain was not subsiding. I was using ice packs, warm rags and rinsing with salt water - - nothing helped.

I finally came across this forum (and several others) that discussed the use of Clove Oil. I was hesitant at first, because I was certain that my dentist would have informed me of something that could provide immediate comfort from this horrific pain. My mouth had been throbbing for 2 days, and while the dentist packing my socket didn't hurt, it didn't help much either.

So, I set out to Whole Foods to pick up a bottle of Clove Oil (which was called Clove Extract at the store). I came home and rinsed my mouth out again with salt water. Then I took the dropper out of the clove oil bottle and rinsed it. I filled a glass with luke warm water, and began sucking the water from the glass up into the dropper, and shooting it into my socket. I was very surprised to see the amount of debris that was coming out. As gross as it sounds, the rinsing alone was not getting to the bottom of the socket, and slimy debris was stuck down inside.

Once finished with the socket cleaning (took about 15 minutes), I first tried to pack the socket in with a cotton swab and gauze, but it was causing pressure- and it hurt. So, I took the Clove Oil, and put about 2 drops into the socket.

About 5 minutes later, R E L I E F!!!!

I could not believe it! Not only did the horrible pain because a barely noticeable soreness, but it lasted! It has been over an hour and a half, I have not added any more clove oil, and I am nearly pain free!

IF YOU HAVE DRY SOCKET, PLEASE TRY THIS. It is important to clean out the socket more thoroughly than just rinsing. Apply a couple drops of the clove and you will not regret it.

I am so glad that I stumbled upon this advise. Thank you, and I apologize for the rambling!!

Normal Again.

Clove Oil was a life saver for me.

I have had pain for 4 weeks now. First I cracked a tooth and was sent for a root canal. Then the root canal did not work and pain got worse so I had the tooth removed. Then a few days after the extraction the pain got worse instead of better - which was due to dry socket.

My dentist has not been able to see me until tomorrow and the pain meds aren't working but for about 3 hours and I can only take them every 6 hours. I finally went to Chamberlins (a health food store)and bought some Clove oil for $5.50 a small bottle. I cleaned out the socket and put some oil on a peice of gauze and put that in the socket. Tada...pain gone.

I finally feel normal for the first time in 4 weeks. This stuff does burn and taste awful, but those things are so minor compared to the pain I was in.

Thank goodness for the internet and Clove oil!

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