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hi, just lately i had to have my wisdom teeth pulled out, but unfortunatly a few day's later the payne was unbearable, so what i did, being in so much payne i've taken 4-5 aspirins mashed, added little spinkles of salt and water to make a past, then filled the whole, well i'd say 5 minutes later the payne was from a 10 to a 2....try it,,,,it worked for me 'dry socket' was what i had....

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Thank you all for your comments. I am sitting here with Dry Socket as I type. My face is so swollen, The tylenol #3's are not doing anything. I have tried asprin, Motrin. I am on 2 antibiotics. I had my tooth pulled last Tuesday, packed on Thursday. now it is Tuesday night, and I can not get to the dentist until Thursday because my son is in the hospital, I am going to the Health store in the Am and getting this clove oil, Which the dentist told me is unavailable without a script. Al least this may bide me time until thursday night...
Thank you for all the help....


Hmm... I have heard of something similar, but must say that I'd be a little worried about absorbing 4-5 asprins into my system in one go.

A Toothless Old Wolf

well its been 3 days , I had 3 teeth pulled wisdom, canine and eye tooth. the canine was the big culprit, and had a huge absess above it , swelled my eye shut! wisdom and eye tooth are plugged but the canine is a hole! yes I smoke, anyway I am going to try to combine the two techniques. cotton ball soaked in the clove oil , see if it will help the socket heal.... anyone see an issue ? anyone tried it ? the only thing I think might be a problem would be the cotton preventing plug growth , but the plugs gone. anyone have it grow back? or is it a hole for good?


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I have got Dry Socket at the moment and It's Driving me MAD. Had my tooth out last Thursday. Was in Agongy at the Weekend. Went back to the dentist on monday and he packed it. and know to Days later in pain again. HELP. May try the Paste reciepe, The Asprin, Salt etc which I have just read about.


Clairetta I came across that aswell.

Just can't sleep Only had mine packed two Days ago And I dont think I could go through tat again. I was nearly cryiny in the chair.
Will admit though i've got a low pain Tolerance. And I also smoke but have cut down hell of a lot since the extraction. Just need a ciggy for abit of comfort. Know it seems Pathetic but it;s the way I am.


Yes, everyone knows how to spell pain!


well i'm just wondering is there more then,one clove oil. Is there one you shouldn't use or a brand that's made just for teeth.I recently had a tooth pulled and my dentist told me 10 times not to smoke before 3days. Stupid me didn't listen and now i'm in more pain then before i had the tooth removed. save your self time and pain by listening to your dentist. I'm now to embrassed to go back and tell him i have a dry socket and trying to suffer through the pain what a dumb ass I am, i feel like the commerical on televison about peer pressure. The guy with the fist in his mouth that said his friends told him to do it lol..........and the girl who was so short froming getting smashed down by her peers etc..........


some say the clove oil is 50.00 dollars or 6.00 bucks which one should i look for

no lovin rite now

please anyone out there help i'm paining so bad i need this imfo asap

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