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hi, just lately i had to have my wisdom teeth pulled out, but unfortunatly a few day's later the payne was unbearable, so what i did, being in so much payne i've taken 4-5 aspirins mashed, added little spinkles of salt and water to make a past, then filled the whole, well i'd say 5 minutes later the payne was from a 10 to a 2....try it,,,,it worked for me 'dry socket' was what i had....

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you should alos learn to spell


Thanks for the info. I have been going through dry socket for a couple weeks now and am grateful for your info.
Your spelling is fine, this isn't English class.


I think you meant 'also' there spelling champ.


who cares how well you spell, they are all just jealous you had info and they didnt. thanks for the tip


How it was spelled was irrelevant. My only real concern about this is that when I had a tooth extracted I was told not to take aspirin as it prevents clotting (and therefore causes dry socket. I got dry socket nonetheless but am wary of trying the at-home technique. I am sure it would work well for pain relief but wouldn't it further prevent healing?


i had a tooth pulled 2 days ago and was back at the dentist this morning for dry socket. i told him that i had been doing that with asprin and he told me not to as it affects the tissue in the mouth.he packed the socket and prescribed Aulin tablets, i feel better already.a good thing to use,if you can get it,is clove oil as it does the same as the packing does and numbs the area but i'd recommend going back to your dentist,they're there for a reason and it won't cost you anything to get it packed.good luck


I got 3 of my teeth pulled about 1 week ago. I developed a dry socket within 4 days. So I bought clove oil and dropped it in the whole twice a day for 2 days. DRY SOCKET GONE! it works. Clove oil can be found at your local vitamin store. It's a little pricey but it works. Good Luck


Sorry Tiff again, you can find the clove oil at the HEALTH food store. not vitamin store.


my comment is about it 'costing a thing' i agree it probably the best way, but im payin 50 bucks a pop!!


I tried the clove oil by putting a few drops in the hole and the relief was instant. It cost me a little over $6 at Whole Foods Market.

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