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Get an over-the-counter remedy for swimmer's ear. They are very easy to come by and just follow the directions.
My sister has had bouts of vertigo on several different occasions and it worked for her. According to her this works within minutes.
I have Vertigo so bad that at times I can feel the water in my ears just like if I was actually in the swimming pool. The swimmer's ear remedy didn't work for me. But I would try it if you haven't found anything else that works.

I do believe what some people say about relaxing the muscles in areas will work. I haven't researched it yet. My dr. gave me a prescription of valium and I freaked not knowing what that had to do with water in my inner ear. I haven't tried it yet and am not sure if I will.

I think I am gonna try the ginger route and see how that works for me.

Remember I strongly believe that everyone is different so some of these remedies will work for some people and some won't. You may have to try several till you get the results you need.

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i know someone who has really bad vertigo and is a diabetic, so give some remedies for people that are diabetic that have really bad vertigo, if you know any.


The valium works really well (my dad has to take it), but only take when symptoms are very bad.

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