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For Poison Ivy: When I first discovered that itchy little blister pimple, I was at work, so I got my Hand Sanitizer and gently rubbed some on ( the alcohol in it dries it and stops the itch ). Then I put a band-aid on it till I got home. I again put a little Hand sanitizer on it, waited till it dried and then put some Clearasil on it, as I know that can dry out pimples pretty good. It works as long as you catch it right away.
If you have poison ivy all over, I would go to the doctors.

What ever you have on hand to dry it out...I hear toothpaste works good. I sure would NOT use bleach! Bleach is a bad chemical.

But everybody is different. May the drying-out power be with you!

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I am at work and just found 2 spots of poison ivy starting and have already done what you explained . When i read yours it gave me a good laugh. At least we are thinking alike . dawn dish soap cuts grease and oil might work till I get home


And 'Clearasil' is not a chemical?!

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