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As for as GERD, I suggest few suggestions in day to day life that will change the situation very positively without any medicines. 1. Eat only 75% of your apetite
2. drink enuf water 3. most importantly, when you sleep , sleep on your right hand side down or on your back. (Never sleep on your stumock or on your left hand side) 4. Always sit straight.

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Actually, because of the positioning of the intestines, you want to sleep on your left side; this pushes things through your system, so it works for gas and heartburn alike. Sleeping on your right encourages acid reflux if you are already susceptible. Try it and see.


That is corrct your left side allows for the natural emptying of the contents of your stomach.


I have had several doctors tell me to lay on my right side your digestive track will be taking everything downwards.
The opposite if you lay on your left.


Laying on your left side is correct. When trying to sleep the the pain goes away almost instantly when I lay on my left side.


I think that's both right and wrong. Both 'sphincters' in your stomach are on the left side of it (or right side of body). Laying on your left side would potentially keep the acids away from your esophageal sphincter, and may help with 'draining' into your intestines if you lay more upright than horizontal. Laying on your right side could potentially bring the acid closer to your esophageal sphincter again if you lay more horizontal than inclined, but would most definitely 'drain' better. I'm no doctor. I have GERD. These are all just assumptions by looking at images of how the stomach 'sits' inside the body and how gravity works. It seems I must sleep sitting or standing up, lol.


Sleeping on my right side makes heartburn worse for me. I have to sleep on my left side which eases digestion problems, and helps me to burp which eases some of the symptoms.


Laying on the left side is what helps. Laying on your right side will potentially make it worse. I believe that the 2 people who disagree are simply confused. It's also evident that the ones disagreeing are not as smart as the ones who say laying on your left side is right just from their spelling/grammar errors.

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