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Acv for Plantar Wart!!!


I've had a very deep and painful plantar Wart on my left foot for TEN YEARS!! My GP burned it out, it came back. Another doctor froze it. It came back!! A podiatrist fitted me for a plastic shoe insole to take pressure off it. (Right on the ball of my foot). I work long hours and after only an hour on my feet I'd start limping. Which threw my back out. Add chiropractor. No more high heels. No more flip-flops. No crocs, clogs or sandals. I've been in ugly orthopedic shoes for the past ten years. I even wore ugly shoes on my wedding day and STILL had to concentrate on not limping down the aisle. I've tried the medicated discs, loofah, Dr Scholls .... Almost every thing!!

A month ago I invested $25 on the home freeze away kit. NOTHING!! I was sick and tired of this thing so I grabbed razor blades and started sawing. I managed to get past the callous that had formed over it and expose the bright white part of the wart. Then I used an exacto craft knife to cut around the wart. I'd managed to sepperate it from the healthy tissue all the way around but could not make myself cut any deeper.

And then I stumbled onto THIS sight!!! Grabbed the acv, cotton make up pads and duct tape. After an hour my foot was stinging like CRAZY!!! Had to come back to the site and re-read more comments. Realizing that this was normal I kept it up. Changing it every morning and after work. Always keeping it covered. A few nights the pain was so bad I'd have to rip it off to sleep, but it went right back on. The two days that I could just not bare the burning I only used duct tape.

Two nights ago I really went at it with a pumice stone. It looked like it was cracked in half, very shriveled looking and not nearly as painful. I did grab my left over freeze away kit and did 3 rounds before again covering in acv (now down to Qtip head and duct tape.)

Been sick all day yesterday and honestly skipped my shower and didn't even look at my foot. Still didn't feel all to well today and hasn't paid any attention to it (because it wasn't hurting!!!)

Just now I peeled off my tape and all I saw was an ashy looking scab that flicked right off!!!! Pushed down on the surrounding skin and NO PAIN!!' I've had pain (excruciating at times) in that foot for TEN years!!!! I'm going to continue treatment for another week just to be safe. And then I'm going to go out and buy my first pair of high heels in YEARS!!!

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How long did it take to fall off. I have one at the bottom of my right foot and to ne honest i have been ignoring it or i was too lazy to finish off a treatment. I would start using the over counter medication then i would forget to fo it after 2-3 days. But lately it started hurting. So o went to the doctor and he said that he had to burn it with laser then for 3 weeks i have to wear a special shoes to take the presure off and try not walking too much. Im young and i go out on weekneds and i wear heels -_- the treatment with doctor its too much trouble. I wanna try the appe cider vineger first before spending that much on the laser. I really wanna get rid of this because im taking tge pressure of to avoid pain and in result my left knee is starting to hurt and wearing heels hurts too. So just help me out pleaseee
What i did today was soak my foot in acv for 15-20 minutes. I didnt feel a thing then decided to put some acv in a cotton ball and tape it to my foot. Its slowly starting to sting a little. Am i doing it right?


How long did it take to fall off? I have been at the ACV cure for almost two weeks now. I have one on my left big toe and one on the bottom of my right foot. i am limping around like crazy and I am a waitress and yoga instructor so this REALLY affects me. The one on the left toe hurts so bad but i try to soak it once a day for 15-20 mins and i apply the cotton ball of ACV with tape at night. Im in soo much pain and now it just looks like a brownish color full of dots but it hurts too bad to try to scrape it off. Any suggestioons?! I am desperate!!!


I feel dumb for asking this.. But what is 'acv'?
My husband he's a horrible planters wart on the ball of his left foot.. He went to the Dr to have it frozen twice and it just seems to be getting bigger. All the posts on this site gave me so much more hope for home remedy!!


ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar. Available at any grocery store.

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