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Place two almonds, five pistachio nuts, and a teaspoon of poppy seeds in a cup of milk and soak for an hour. Grind these up, add to some warm milk, and drink. Repeat daily for three months.

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tim needs a life .who agrees


hahaha damn this sounds like a recipe for dummies. WTF would anyone waste there time trying to attempt this??? if it were to be a joke it sure served its purpose.

smexy pants 101

nuts have the omega 3 fatty acid in them which is an essential oil needed for muscle development and the milk has alot of protein and calcium which are the basic building blocks of muscle. but why you have to soak nuts in milk rather than eat them i have no idea

Stan the Man

Ok, ok give Tim a little break, guys. We were *shudder* all like that (or at least most of us) at a certain age.

And how does soaking nuts in milk help with your protein? Other then the fact that milk and nuts are already rich in protein...why soak them?



Well besides the nuts having protein, omega-3 fatty acids and milke having vitamin D and Calcium. I found this through a simple Google search.
Raw nuts also contain an ingredient called oxalic acid, which inhibits calcium absorption. But again, if you soak the nuts first, it greatly reduces the amount of oxalic acid.



6years later.



big willy

If someones looking to gain muscle mass take L.A muscle norateen heavyweight 2 and use glitamine and bcca,s train for 12 weeks and ur whole body will be transformed !! And timmy get your self to fuk ya wee mongo why people come on here and start there shit keyboard gangsters


I suppose the idea to soak the nuts and seeds is to break them down a little so the body can better absorb the nutrients, if they're pre roasted though I don't see the point.


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