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Place two almonds, five pistachio nuts, and a teaspoon of poppy seeds in a cup of milk and soak for an hour. Grind these up, add to some warm milk, and drink. Repeat daily for three months.

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What exactly does this do/help? I'm thinking about trying it but I'm not sure what it does . . .


hey i dont know what this does either. And Timothy, why are u looking for a girl on a home remidies website??? its all good though. u seem cool!


Tim why dont you go to a chat room instead?


How exactly is this supposed to work? Some of these remedies are far-fetched, but how are nuts and sunflower seed shakes going to affect 'body and muscle development'...


Well i tryed it, it had the same effects on my bowles that colonic irrigation(i cant spell) has.

il keep to protein sakes thanx.


lol i meant it about the spelling thing, i ment 2 say shakes not sakes.

Hate Timothy

Timothy go screw someone or something. Get off this site, and GROW UP! No girl is going to want you when you post ads on a home remedies site! And keep your penis problems to yourself! Nobody cares about you!


How depressing Tim, I feel bad for you, poor thing with no pride. Anyway, poppy seeds have some sort of drug in them I've heard, that it shows up as a drug, though I'm not sure if it gets you high. And why not just eat the nuts, and drink the milk? This really doesn't make sence...

'Timothy' is not 'timothy'

the second tim that was talking about wacking it all day was not the same one that was looking for a female. Got me at first though lol.

i hate timothy

timothy, why the heck are you tellin us about your penis. no one really care. go to chat rooms and tell people your probs lyk that. ur wrong.

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