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Ive had migranes since iwas 12 and im now25 n even though i only.get them every few months ive found that a cup of valeriana tea with a teaspoon ginger in it works the best for me better than any medication ive ever been prescribed by the doctors and as many people iv been prescibed so many different things over the years that i am jus happy to finally find something that works but you have to drink the tea when u feel the first symptoms starting as valeriana is tradionally used i think as.some form of sedative it relaxes your body and it reely works for me i just hope more.people can find that herbal remedies.such asthis one work for them aswel as i no wat an awful experience being a migrane sufferer can be hope my remedy helps some even thought it probly wont work for all!!!

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I take valerian hits the bloodstream faster.. I also take hot baths with Ice packs behind my neck since I have arthritis the cold ice packs will hurt my body. Sleep also works but sometimes I have to work with a migraine ...looking for other suggestions

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