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ACV works, and surprisingly well. I tested it on the largest of the 4 warts that had been giving me trouble over the past few months. Held a cotton ball with ACV on it over the wart for about an hour a day, re-soaking the cotton ball every 15 minutes or so. (Note: since ACV IS acidic, it is generally a good idea to put some vaseline on the skin surrounding the wart to help keep your skin from getting irritated.) After 2 days, the wart was completely black (Which means the wart is dead). Left it alone for a few days, and it fell off. No more wart. Very excited to get rid of the other smaller ones this way! ACV works and is definitely worth a shot, but be careful since it CAN be harmful to your skin! Best of luck to everyone in getting rid of this embarrassing and inconvenient condition.

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