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I have suffered with hand warts for years now, being a young woman in her 20s its been a huge issue for me, I hid my hands for a whole year. I've been to various doctos, dermatologist, I've used apple cider vinegar (which does work for one or two hand warts but not for as many as i had). I decided to get healthy, eat lots of fruit and veg and I started drinking green tea. I know its a bit of a cliche, but if i had known green tea would help cure them I'd have been drinking it by the bucket load! It was only a couple of weeks after I started drinking a couple of cups a day that i noticed that the largest sections of my warts were shrinking. I cant stop looking at my hands, never thought i would see the day where 'i would have my confidence back.

Please try green tea, i have tried everything but this is something that continues to help me. I still have a lot of warts on the backs of my hands but it is amazing how many have disappeared already.

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Any type of green tea in particular??

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