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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I 'resurfaced' in the bath, the water in my right ear wouldn't drain away, and I needed to gently slap my ear to get it to drain out. This got worse, and then started to happen in my left ear. Tonight, I just could not 'unblock' my ear at all. This was the first site I came across, and the solution I used worked in 5 minutes flat! Using the kids medicine syringe, I filled my ear with olive oil (extra virgin, I don't know if that makes a difference)I laid on the bed on my side to keep it in for 2 minutes, then went to the bathroom, and filled a measuring jug with hot (not boiling!)water. Then I used the syringe to shoot the water up into my ear. I could actually feel the wax ball after 7 or 8 squirts, and rather grossly, it actually fell out on its own! I cannot believe the size of the ball, but can fully understand now how my hearing was poor. Same for the other ear, now I can hear clearly again. From now on, I'll rinse my ears every time I shower as suggested.

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@ Keeley you can use regular 'cooking' olive oil. It's great for a lot of things beyond cooking! search '1001 ways to use olive oil'

@Christy When you spray the water in your ear, you shouldn't let it sit. I have a LOT of trouble with wax build up and compacting I have to let it soak in the olive oil a lot longer than 2 min.

You might try the Hydrogen Peroxide trick. (let the HP bubble in your ears until you do not hear the 'crackling' and rinse with warm water)

Somedays my ears are so bad I only find success using both.


This worked great. Its what my doctor did on my last visit. He gave me a Rx for some kind of oil to put in my ears. It was probably extra virgin olive oil but with a fancy label and $$$, instead. After a day, I rinsed out the ear myself with a syringe. I first went to the drug store, when I couldn't hear, and got a peroxide ear cleaning kit. This made my hearing worse and it burned. I would stick to oil and ear wash, its a better and gentler solution.

Glenda McConnell

Wow -- it worked! I can always tell when I am about to get wax impaction. My ear starts to 'close up' and I can't hear. I can sometimes press on my ear and it will open up, but there comes a time when nothing helps. I have used the peroxide trick, but it didn't help that much. I think the trick is the flushing with water. I warmed olive oil and used a dropper to squeeze a dropper-full into my ear. Left it in for a few minutes, then used a syringe and very warm water to squirt the water into my ear. I held my head down over the sink so that when I squeezed the bulb, the water squirted UP into my ear. I didn't get 'huge' globs of wax, but steadily, small bits came out. I did the flushing quite a few times. I think I was always afraid to squirt water into my ear, but that is what loosens the wax and provides a vehicle to get the wax out of the ear.

BTW, I remember my grandmother talking about using 'sweet oil' for earaches. I didn't know what sweet oil was, but after googling the term, found out that sweet oil is just olive oil!


worked like a charm on my three year old


This may take a couple times, i tried it once in got some stuff out, tried it a little later n got it out


Absolutely worked!! My 4year old had a black ball deep inside his right ear and did this and it came right out! Thank you so much for posting this!!!


I have a 'blocked' or impacted ear as I type this and have came to this thread a few times after doing all of these suggestions and nothing seems to help. I've used the ear wax remover kit, the peroxide solution and the olive oil softener trick too. I think I'm doing something wrong, but what, I do not know. any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. I have also done it two or three ties just this week. Going to a dr. on Friday hopefully and I don't have insurance, so, I'm not really wanting to go just to be told there's still a lot of wax in there.

Amanda Bines

I just did what u said and it worked! Although I didn't use a syringe I used a turkey baster haha I can hear again! NO wax came out though... I should just keep doing it I guess?


My ear feels full of wax I'm here reading ur advice ima try it tomorrow..becuuse it looks like my ear even getting biger..


100% effective.. i can hear in full HD now. :) thank u sooo much!

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