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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I 'resurfaced' in the bath, the water in my right ear wouldn't drain away, and I needed to gently slap my ear to get it to drain out. This got worse, and then started to happen in my left ear. Tonight, I just could not 'unblock' my ear at all. This was the first site I came across, and the solution I used worked in 5 minutes flat! Using the kids medicine syringe, I filled my ear with olive oil (extra virgin, I don't know if that makes a difference)I laid on the bed on my side to keep it in for 2 minutes, then went to the bathroom, and filled a measuring jug with hot (not boiling!)water. Then I used the syringe to shoot the water up into my ear. I could actually feel the wax ball after 7 or 8 squirts, and rather grossly, it actually fell out on its own! I cannot believe the size of the ball, but can fully understand now how my hearing was poor. Same for the other ear, now I can hear clearly again. From now on, I'll rinse my ears every time I shower as suggested.

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We tried it and it really works thanks for sharing this


omg.. its work. thanks so much. :)


definitely worked! Thank you!


Im gonna try this one. I haven't been able to hear clearly in about a month.


thank you so much! I couldn't hear out of my left ear for a week and it was driving me crazy!


My partner has been having problems with his ears for over a month. He has tried all kinds of remedies. Tried this, he is all amazed at how fast it worked!!!!


I wish I could share this to the world! I've been strugging with this for a month then finally paid for a doctors visit, only to be told to come home and put ear wax removal drops and come back in a few weeks. I used the little suringe thingy that came with my useless earwax medecine. Put a cap full of olive oil in, laid down 5 minutes,then made a bowl of hot water and flushed. Grossly, lots of stuff came out in the sink. It felt so good, I did the other ear. I hear better than I have in forever! miracle!! Thanks!!!


My son complained about poor hearing. School nurse advised him to have a doctor remove wax from his ears. Googled home remedies before making a trip to the doctor. Came across this website 40 mins ago. Put virgin oil in my son's ear, cleaned my ink shringe, and then sprayed warm water. Like others have said, big chunks of wax fell out after the fifth splashing. Will do the other ear tomorrow. Thank you so much. You saved me a trip to the doctor


I'm going to try this tomorrow can u use normal cooking olive oil or olive oil the ear drop stuff ill use my sons medicine syringe my mum has some


I tried but nothing happened :( When you shoot the hot water into your ear, do you have it to where the water sits in your ear and then you turn your head to make it come out or do you have that ear facing the sink and just shoot hot water into it like that where it immediately comes back out? Thank you!

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