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I have a pain in my left bottom wisdom tooth for almost 4 months. I tried different things. Placement of salt worked initially and I got relief in a few minutes. I also tried salty hot water, it also worked giving relief. I noticed drinking water slowly gives relief and also urination gives you relief. The best remedy I found to get instant relief is that 'chewing ice'. I get relief in a few seconds by it.

For a permanent relief I reckon take care of your diet and always think and intend positive. Negative thinking and poor diet can awake this pain. Avoid oily and sweet things to eat in the days of pain and eat the food that easily digest. It will take you away from pain.

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Are u serious? Your trying to be a smart butt when people come here bc they are in pain. A toothache is no laighing matter. This is not funny or cute iys ridiculous and ur a jerk for posting it.

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