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I commented a couple posts ago & since have had a grand mal seizure from trying to stop taking the xanax i was prescribed to help the anxiety attacks. I suggest NOONE take xanax. It literally made me a zombie all i did was sleep. Yes it helped calm me down but everytime i wouldnt take it i felt sooo bad and i deciedes to stop takin it for good and it almost killed me. I was in the seizure 15 mins bit my tounge almost completely off peed my pants i was done thanl god my bf was there. I had to go to REHAB to get off them bc they are so dangerous and i was on tge lowest dose and only taken as prescribed for about 5 months. I learned in counseling alot about anxiety attacks & my agorophobia. I kno stress is a big trigger for my anxiety attacks. Im now in counseling and not takibg any meds and its helping alot. I also learned belly breathing. Which is the #1 thing that is amazing. If you hld ur hand on ur belly and take deep breathes dont take a deep breathe in and pull ur shoulders up and suck ur belly in actually push ur stomach out when u inhale so it pushs ur hand out. When u inhale and raisr ur shoulders and tighten ur stomach init actually makes yor body think your struggling to breathe and will make your anxiety worse! So take deep breathe slowly pushing your belly out and keeping ur shoulders relaxed it really helps! & also try to do something to not think about it sing along to the radio engage in a convo call someone. If u keep thinking omg my hearts beating fast i cant breathe ur only addi g fuel to the fire. And if u tell urself not to think about it. Guess what ur thinking about not thinkin about it which is stil thinking about it. You kno ive had anxiety attacks nonatop since i was 16 n am 23 i am agoraphobic been on prozac (bad headaches), lexapro (made me MEAN), Wellbutrin (didnt work), cymbalta (made me feel crazy litally), effexor (didnt help), xanax (highly addictive have to get weened off, one of the most dangerous meds to take and to stop takin, made me have a seizure) & theres a couple more i cant think of right now and you know what im not taking ANYTHING & i haven't called my mom crying everyday havent left work, pulled over or turned around. If i can do it u can trust me!! My symptoms were HORRIBLE had racin heart, legs arm go numb, dizzy, felt like i was goin crazy, felt disconnected from ppl, seen things in almost 2d, couldnt see straight, etc. N it was all day everyday. If anyone wants to email me n talk my emails hope this helps!!!

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thank you for expressing the exact symptoms I had when experiencing an anxiety attach. I plan to use the belly breathing techniques you recommend. A sense of humor always helps doesn't it.


thanks for this post cause i was gonna take this paxil the put me on but im not ...i have been on meds b4 they make u feel 10x worse to me..but thanks :)

Debbie C

Hi..I too was addicted to Xanax and had a hard time quitting.,,I have severe agorophobia...I can't go far from home and when I do go places my heart goes crazy...over time I have began to think I have heart problems. I literally drive myself crazy an miss doing the things I used to do an I miss traveling

Debbie C

By the way my email is


I had the same symptoms and after what was a cough I had, I started to take some NYQUIL(not sure if that's the cause, because I was under a lot of stress). Two days after taking NYQUIL twice, the recommended dosage for adults, I woke up out of my sleep feeling as if someone poured cold liquid inside my skin down the back of my neck. The symptoms got worse from there lasting two weeks straight, it was very intense. Every night, j felt like someone was setting my body on fire, from the back of my neck, down my back and to my side. My legs and feet would get numbness and tingling, my heart was pounding, chest was tight, couldn't catch my breath. My tongue and lips were burning, the side of my face and neck would go numb, and tighten, stomache would feel like I had to go to the bathroom, I felt disconnectes from my body, dizzy, ear pressure, head pressure, etc. This would go on every night. I went to the ER four times and had various blood work, ekgs, chest x rays, bloodwork, ct scan of my chest, etc. I was told that only my bp was up a little high. I only slept two hours a night for two weeks. My doc did tell me that I am vitamin d deficient. This happened a month ago but I still now get shortness of breath, palpitations, some ear and head pressure, and some queeziness. I know that it has been a nightmare for me. If this was a bad anxiety attack, it is one of the wost I have had or heard of. I refused all medications for anxiety that I was offered and am doing better just taking vitamin d3, centrum, fish oil tablets, Ezra sleepy time tea, lemon and ginger tea, deep breathing, putting my focus on other things when the symptoms start. Again I don't have them no where near as bad as they were but I just want the symptoms to completely stop. My email is


You sound like you're about 12 years old. . . Wow.

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