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I have struggled with reoccuring yeast infections for years now. Up until recently I have always gotten those monistat kits. I am starting to think that all they do is cover up your symptoms and then bam! Another yeast infection. I have done a lot of research on home remedies. I have found one that work very well for me. First I got one of those plastic douchers. I filled half of it up with hydrogen peroxide and the other half with water. I douched slowly with that until the bottle was empty. It will sting a little, but that's how you know it's working. I immediately felt relief after doing this. I then douched with just plain water 4 times to rinse out the yeast that the peroxide killed. Lastly I took a capful of acidophilus powder and 1 teaspoon and mixed that in the douche with water and douched slowly with that as well. I did this process twice just to be safe, but it really worked wonders for me. Even after the first time you will feel so much better! This is a must try remedy!

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Elizabeth kemp

Hi im from the Bahamas i use your advice and it worked i was in so much pain and had alot of white fluid drainage wen i use your rembey it sting but after the sting died down i felt so much better so thank you so much


This does not work!!! I did it made me worse, called my doctor and she called me in terconazole 4% and it worked immediately! I tried everything on here vinegar peroxide sea salt and all it did was bring me to my knees!!! Don't listen to the BS on this site!


Oops that is supposed be 1 teaspoon of boric acid.

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