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take one teaspoon thriphala with lukewarm water at bedtme. and take 2 or three spoons castor oil early morning it can help for constipation and also improves daigetion .harmless . can take regularly

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Triphla is the best medicine in aquerveda for constipation without any harm side effect.


Triphala is one of best options. I have suffered from constipation for many years, since I was a child. I tried all of the laxatives, but they only work for limited period, not making any improvements and leaving you with the more discomfort. Then after the birth I had hemmoroids and anal fissures, which gave me pain and fewer during these past two years. I have tried all medicine, also natural as well, but everything was helpless. Then I discovered triphala. I was in so much pain, that I put myself on to a special diet, eating only organic multigrain bread with rye, barley and oat flakes, vegetables, only fruit teas, meat, no rise, potatoes at all. Morning time before breakfast I'm still taking arrange juice with one table spoon of olive oil. Then triphala and only after 20-30 minutes breakfast. Then on lunch stir fry the beansprouts for 3-4 minute, have a full plate of beansprouts and you will have effect after 2-3 hours. Try to eat homous every day 2-3 times a day, that's help to move your gat through your colon. Take only tea with lime and fruit tea. I completely stop to drink a milk and yogurt, that making me constipated. And also take milk of magnesia for 1-2 week to make you bowel muscles work and to make a habit to go to toilet EVERY day. And we need to remember : for example if we put something not on fridge but outside for 2-3 days, what will happen with food ???!! Same happening in our colon and that's inside us. And we need instruct our mind that we need get reed of any foot taken in 24 hours. That way our inside body will be clean and fresh all the time. All these work for me, and now I can cope with diet only, not taking any medicine and laxative. I take triphala one month then stop for two, and start again, for one month on ongoing basis. Will be happy if this help someone.

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