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I am typing this while successfully coughed out the week-long cough.
Around half a cup of water, 1 big spoon turmeric, 1 small teaspoon pepper, cinnamon sticks ..boil the above mixture for 2-3 min. pour it in a cup and add 2 big spoons of Honey. Drink it immediately while it is hot!
Surely stuck cough comes out soon!

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Thank u so much! U cured my sons a month of cough when all other medicines didnt work.But i didnt put d same amount as u would for adults,for him just pinches and his cough has decreased tremendously! 'Boil water/milk + cinnamon + a pinch of turmeric + pepper + honey.' Fantastic


Thank you so worked so fast , like magic.


Just tried this...hope it works :)


Hi, i just tried this, be careful it is a spicy drink obviously but ive had my cough for a week and my throat was sore to start of with so its a bit like drinking acid at these measurments, maybe less black pepper


This worked a few months ago when the crud came around. Crud came back with the nasty weather, so going to use it again. It worked before.


Just tried and hopefully it works.....l all tanks to u if it stopped.....been suffered day n nite


Okay drank the whole cup and I am still coughing....wth




Wow this really does work, its very spices so I would go easy on the pepper. I did not think it would help but it did..thank you


This is a cure for a cough plain and simple. I've had a chronic cough for 4 weeks and have emptied bottles of over the counter cough syrup with DM, Gaufenstien (sp) and so many other things and nothing helped. Saturday morning I got up completely frustrated and tried this remedy. It was disgusting but since I had all the spices I said why not. On day two of using it I can now talk without coughing. Still coughing some but nothing like before. Went to two different doctors and got a puffer with steroids etc. Why don't they doctors know these things? I'm going to tell everyone I know please share this recipe with everyone. Going to review this site in detail to see what other remedies are in here.

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