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I have genital warts 2 months plus ago, it is making me feel embarrassing & spoiling my plan to have pregnant. I just married this year Feb.

I tried Aldara. At first month, it is helping me to burn those warts (I have few small warts outside my vagina & around anus). But, they are still there.

After my period came, I stopped to apply Aldara for 1 week. Shit!The old wart become bigger and outbreak few small warts outside & inside vagina. I feel very sad & cry......

I use the Aldara for 1 month again, the wart from bigger change to smaller. They are still there, never gone. It is a nightmare for me!!! How to get rid of them?

I am staying a very small town here. I can't find ACV, my husband will get me 1 from out of the town tomorrow. I found this website about ACV can kill those warts. I scare the pain as what you are mentioned. Anyhow, I will try this treatment tomorrow. Nowadays, I take Vitamin C, Multi-vitamins, Omega 3 fish oil, Bio-zinc......I hoping I will get well soon.

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You must be new to our country you talk like someone whose beer spoken English before.


Do not worry. You are still okay to get pregnant.

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