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I made this remedy on my own a while ago(:
Im in my late teens, and my acne is very stubborn and quite bad. Im sure alot of people can relate to how much it sucks in your teens and you have acne! But this will work for any age :)
After scrubbing my face with lemon juice and sugar mixed (optional. I just do this to open my pours and scrub off dead skin cells) i wash the lemon juice and sugar off and dab my face with a wash rag. I wait a few . I then cut up some cucumbers and throw them in a blender mixed with 2 eggs and lemon juice. I blend it up till its a paste. I apply it to my face and leave it over night. The next morning i rinse it off and tada!! Super soft fresh feeling skin :)

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can you keep the mix or do you have to do a new one every night?

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