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I had my wisdom tooth pulled 2 weeks ago and was in dire pain and as most of you know nothing seems to work. So with testing and evaluating I have found a product that works for both pain and increase healing. Canker-X. From a scientific point of view the main ingredient (polyvinylpyrrolidone) is a sticky polymer that coats and bonds to the scab to protect the tissue and reduce sensitivity. It is important to clean out the socket competly before filling the socket with the gel and then not eating or drinking for at minium 1 hour ( go ahead and spit out the extra gel) Do this each day for 2 days and the socket will start to heal quickly. I also recommend Rincinol for cleaning the socket out with a syringe, as it does not hurt and has the same ingredients as Canker-x as a healing aid. Good luck!

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Lane W

Get clove oil, wash out the area, drop clove oil (careful, it'll burn tongue/cheek) into socket. Pack with gauze. Rinse and repeat a few times daily. I used it when I got dry socket and my dentist said they would've done the same thing if I had gone to see them instead of doing it myself.
Clove oil runs about $6 at Whole Foods or other health food stores.


I used your remedy and this is day two and I have to say, it's a great remedy, no pain and it actually feels like it's healing.

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