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I found that if you cut and ORANGE in half and rub on the dog all over the back and tummy that the FLEA's hate it, its natural & oranges can be found everywhere. Try to see what it does.

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I almost lost my little dog to a store bought flea collar so I'm willing to try anything natural. Thank you for the tip. I hope it works. :)
P.S. I use blue Dawn on my dogs during baths and it works very well for them. :)


i am going to use the oils for flea control and gla to do it. i lost my darling lizzie on fathers day after one dose of trifexix. listen up and pass it on...trifexix kills..if not kills damages organs. we are still so sad.


I use dawn on my mountain feist and it works great,,,untill u take them out to use bathroom then fleas come back after couple days. I recommended the dawn and some kind of spray for outside like a home remedy for outside..


Please don't feed onions to dogs as they are toxic.


Will this work on a 20 days Pup? I mean will it be toxic to him if he licks his skin after applying Orange Juice?


yes its the oil in the skins, so put orange skins only in a blender with enough boiling water to cover and liquidize. them strain out the liquid and when cool put in a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and a tablespoon of dog shampoo [to mix oil and water] spray dog all down back from neck to tail, cant harm dog.

Marie C Southern IL

I really appreciate all of the information here. Not everyone knows everything so people please have more patience. We each have our own thoughts, believes, and ideas. We are on here to learn, not to be ridiculed.

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