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I found that if you cut and ORANGE in half and rub on the dog all over the back and tummy that the FLEA's hate it, its natural & oranges can be found everywhere. Try to see what it does.

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I tried the orange & it didn't work for us anyway. Thx 4 suggestion.


It's actually not the orange JUICE, it's the orange OIL that you want to use...

You can activate this by scoring the skin on the orange thoroughly then rubbing the orange all over your dog.


Did the orange kill the fleas?


Would that not make them sticky and attract other bugs?

(granted the Orange Oil mentioned in the comments may not)


I tried just squeezing orange juice all over my poor dog. She hated it. She has been itching a little less but she's sticky. I should have read the comments. Ill try the oils next!! She does smell really good and citrusy! :)


Dogs are not supposed to eat citrus of any kind. And since dogs lick themselves and occassionally bite themselves you should not rub an orange on your dog. Check with your vet.


Omg i cant believe sumone wld post sumn so stupid n i (being n okie) tried it IT DID NOT WORK N CAN B VERY DEADLY TO UR DOG MY VET SAID SO DO NOT DP THIS AT ALL!!! To the person who wrote that r ur dog or dogs still alive? Dont b so CHEAP u gt the dog take care of it spend a lil $ huh?

Lucas Hunt

I have fed all my dogs, all fruits and vegetables. My dog now loves apples, oranges, onions and pickles. Tomatoes are her favorite. I've never had a dog live less than 12 years. So there Jenn, why don't you become a little more literate, so you can spell those tough words like; 'be', or 'your', or maybe even 'are'. Then don't just listen to any quack vet that speaks and take it as the holy grail of information. F#$%ing moron. God I hate blatantly stupid, and ignorant people.

P.S. here is what I just said in illiterate speak just so it sinks in well. Ur ain't gotta noodle in ur gaping hole of a melon you call a head. So b more smarter wen ur triing to take cre of them there doggies of ur`s...a hyuck!!!


Omg..people!! This is for imformation..not rude comments and foul language. Geez!! I beleive in home remedys rather than pesticides. And all doctors has to make money, they are not going to advise anything that will cause them to loose money.


Worked wonders for the fleas!!!! But wat do I do about the flies??? Lmao. But seriously

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