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The earlier the better, you can add some ear wacks on it. You may feel it tighten up, but that just tells you that its working

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ear wax probably works better


Sounds nasty to me. Don't think I'll be digging in my ear then smearing on my lip


Just don't think i could do this...


It really works I tried it today thanks for the advice




I had a friend at work tell me about using a Q-tip
and after showering swab a bit of ear wax and
gently pat/rub the tingly spot you feel the blister
forming and that it would go away...
I thought she was crazy but I tried it and honestly
it works. You have to apply the ear wax as soon as you feel it tingling for it to work quickly.
For me if I catch it right away it never forms .
It really works for me.

Blister Fixer

Shit on your finger and smear the blister works every time


Been using the earwax method for years. Totally works!! Just don't lick your lips after! Lol

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