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After working over 30 hours in one weekend, I started to notice a red, scaly patch on the right corner of my mouth two Sundays ago. I’m a waitress and bartender, so I’m constantly speaking. I would lick my lips in order to regain some of that lost moisture, as I did not always have time for lip balm. I realize now that this was a very bad idea.

At first I thought my lips were just chapped from all the licking, but lip balm was not working. After about a week, the spot became a cut, which scabbed over. I could not open my mouth wide enough to eat, it was so painful. Finally, I decided to Google this.

I had never heard of Angular Cheilitis, and never had it before. This condition was definitely long coming to me. I am anemic and never take my Iron supplements (learned my lesson there). I was always licking my lips, and my diet is pretty poor. I’m surprised I did not get this sooner. After reading about this condition and reading every post in this incredibly helpful blog, I began my treatment.

First, I immediately started taking my Iron supplements daily, I believe they’re 65 MG, but don’t take them unless your levels were checked and you are a confirmed anemic. I also began taking a B complex vitamin. First, once daily, but I then started taking one in the morning and one at night.

The first remedy I tried was Apple Cider Vinegar. I washed both sides of my mouth thoroughly with dial antibacterial soap (my biggest fear was this condition spreading to the other side of my mouth). I then dried with paper towels. With a Q tip, I applied the vinegar. It burns pretty bad, but I’ve endured worse so it wasn’t too bad. I let that sit then covered the area with the Carmex from a tube. I repeated this remedy four times a day for almost four days and saw little improvement. The scab was not reforming, but this was probably because I was basically burning my lips off with acid. My boyfriend made me stop because he was afraid I was going to scar my lips.

I then tried Campho-Phenique, an antiseptic liquid. I washed with the soap, covered the sore with this liquid, let it sit, and then slathered it with the Carmex that comes in a white container. In one day, I did not see any major improvements and was getting impatient, so I tried something else.

I then tried Lotrimin Antifungal, which is Clotrimazole cream. I began this treatment two nights ago. I washed with antibacterial soap, dried, slathered Lotrimin on, let it sit a minute, and then applied the Carmex from the container over that to lock the Lotrimin in and prevent moisture. By the next morning, I could tell it was working. I stayed home all day yesterday to avoid talking and stressing my mouth. I repeated the steps with the antibacterial soap after I ate. Throughout the day, I reapplied Lotrimin then Carmex whenever I felt they were rubbing off. By today, the improvement was MAJOR. I can open my mouth wide without pain and eat without feeling the sting. The whole sore is 75% less noticeable. I continued this treatment all day and will for three weeks, as fungal infections should be treated for that long. I am so relieved I finally found a treatment that works.

I’m a 21 year old girl and college student so trust me I know how upsetting this condition is. It made me so self conscious. Do not give up in searching for your treatment. I maybe spent 20 dollars or less even at the drugstore to find something that worked for me. Just remember, this condition can be bacterial, fungal, or both, so some remedies may not work for you. Keep trying! And remember to take vitamin B’s, check your iron levels, and STOP the lip licking if you are like me. With these precautions, the condition should not return.

Good Luck!

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So you bought a Clotrimazole cream? And the Carmex you mention, is that a different creme as well?


I have been suffering from this for almost 4 months, and have been using the same remedy as you. I always stop after a few weeks when it is completely gone and then it comes right back. I am beginning to get deep cuts from using lotrimin all the time, I was wondering if you are also having that problem, as it is making me self-conscious


I am posting alot today because I was completely cured when I tried a medication I had been using for something else, out of desperation. It is Clobetasol Propionate Cream, USP, 0.05%. Gone in 2 days and has never returned! You are all too young to suffer like this. Bless you!

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