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This is not a remedy as much as a comment on cause of my Vertigo. I noticed someone suggested using Almonds and some other ingredients as a panacea for Vertigo. I have actually found that Almonds cause my Vertigo. I can't even use Shampoo or Conditioner or anything that contains Almonds.Even a face moisturiser with almonds caused me to be dizzy.

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I agree, my vertigo started minutes after I had a handful of almonds. It's been on and off for a month now! I've tried everything, seems i have to let it runs it's own course.


OMG,I have a bad cold with dizziness.I am sure the dizziness is caused by the water in my ears. I tried to empty the dishwasher(my kit is a mess since I've been sick)while doing so I grabbed a few almonds. Almost immediately my vertigo got worse. I had bad, bad nausea and thought I was going to lose my lunch.


For Vertigo check out Dr Robert Jackson online clinic. He explains why we get vertigo. I am going to try using a hairdryer on low heat to try to dry up the water in my ear.I heard somewhere this works!

Brenda Baugher-Wallace

I have been fighting this Vertigo for about a week now, I have also been eating what I thought was better and that included Almonds. As I go back I realize that this bout started almost to the day I started eating the Almonds. Time to give them up for a while and see what happens. Thank you for this information, Hope it is this easy

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