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Dehydrated Dog? You can always tell by loss of appetite, white/pale gums, infrequent urination, lethargy, etc.
This method is typically a 'last option', but is very effective!

Administer a rectal fleet enema. (preferably OUTSIDE! the dog will be like a ticking bomb the moment you insert the enema into it's butt!) Try to give him/her the whole thing if you can, but if not at least 1/2 the bag will help out. Use vaseline or coco butter for extra lubrication to make your baby more comfortable :) The saline solution directly re hydrates the dog's colon. I promise this works I saved my German shepherd's life this way, she almost died and probably would have if I wasn't handed this advice. God bless! :)

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I know this is an old post; but just in case someone finds this; it is actually really dangerous to give pets saline enemas. Fleet does make a glycerin one that is considered safe; or there are special pet ones. The saline can cause a lot of issues, from dehydration to kidney/heart failure and even death. Please DO NOT give pets a saline enema

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