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here's what u can do for pain...make a paste...drop of cooking oil (any oil will do fine),salt n pepper...mix them all three...get a piece of toilet paper...then dip it from the paste...then put it where the pain is, pack it in between the tooth...leave it in like 5 min...repeat like 3 will go away...(this will kill your nerve on your gum)i want to keep my teeth :)

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My husband has been in severe pain, nothing helping him. I googled home remedies and came across this. I seen all the comments so we gave it a try. After 2 packs his pain is gone!!!! Absolutely AMAZING :)


Omg! I am in such heaven right now, You sir are my savior! This is probably the first at home remedy I have tried that works so effectively. I have tried several different rememedies all failed, This one however, Is working. The only question I ask, is once we pull the pack out, Are we suppose to rinse the mouth, or leave the salt and peper mixture on it ? I have let it remain and it seems it be tingling a bit and what not, but No severe pain!

Rob from MN

I was about 10 seconds from running face first into a brick wall from my tooth ache. Got desperate and tried this since all the ingredients were only a few ft. away. You sir are a genius and a scholar. The pain went away. I literally took 4 tylenols. 4 ibuprofens and a vicodin in the last 3 hours and it did nothing but this remedy worked on the first pack. I when rinsed with warm water afterwards and so far so good. If pain comes back, ill throw on another pack.

Tracey Cooke


In pain baza

It's 8.15pm on 23/12/12 I've just tried it ill let you know in a bit if it works????


Very very nasty and soo much drool but I was willing to try anything... Instant relief it's only been a few min and only did one pack but I'm already feeling better thank you soooo much best home remedy by far!!!!!


After being in chronic pain and wanting to wack my head into a wall for over a week,due to loosing half a tooth and a filling ,i had tried everything,clove oil,paramol,tramadol,codine wet tea bags! Last resort i decided to look up remedies. WOW i couldnt believe it ! Instant relief,unbelievable !!wish i had looked sooner, Thank-you so so much i will now be able to enjoy xmas now with my children :)


My wife was Up all night with a toothache crying. thanks to your remedy she is sound asleep thank you


I am 11 I am having horrible back molar pain my tooth is finally coming in and it hurts I need help right away I cant sleep and its Christmas:( at 2:39am


it really works thanks for posting

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