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here's what u can do for pain...make a paste...drop of cooking oil (any oil will do fine),salt n pepper...mix them all three...get a piece of toilet paper...then dip it from the paste...then put it where the pain is, pack it in between the tooth...leave it in like 5 min...repeat like 3 will go away...(this will kill your nerve on your gum)i want to keep my teeth :)

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Hurting Still

I tried this for an hour and am very sick of the taste. It did ease the pain for about 5 minutes but did not kill any nerves.


Thank you for your post I was very doubtful that this would help but it has I have had pain off and on for 3 weeks with not much relief! and this morning it really started and was constant. The dentist said i either pull or get a root canal! and I was trying to save up the money! If this isn't temporary I will still need one but this may help until i can get back in! Within 5 min I had relief and on my second pack now hope is continues!! Thanks~~~ :)


it really worked!!!!thank you:)


Wow!!this really works I had to do it three or four times,but this really works..thx a lot..


Can't believe how effective this remedy is. Many thanks for sharing. :)


I have been in pain for about a month or two and finally today was the day that I couldn't sleep what so ever from the pain.. It's 5 am where I am an I can finally get some sleep well at least one hour I have work at 7 and I can say that helped me out pain is gone and I thank you !!!! So so so much!!!!


Any type of oil? What about cooking oil??


Thank you you litterally are my life saver I have the worst teeth in the world almost every night I'm woken by a tooth ache found this nd figured its better than doing nothing right what can it hurt it helped within a minute who would of thought I'm am so greatful to whoever posted this ty ty ty ty


oil salt and pepper worked like a dream,thank you.


I'm trying it now the pain is going away thanks for sharing

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