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here's what u can do for pain...make a paste...drop of cooking oil (any oil will do fine),salt n pepper...mix them all three...get a piece of toilet paper...then dip it from the paste...then put it where the pain is, pack it in between the tooth...leave it in like 5 min...repeat like 3 will go away...(this will kill your nerve on your gum)i want to keep my teeth :)

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WOW..WOW..WOW.. I firstly would never have believed this would work, but it really did. I will name my future kids ' Salt,Pepper & oil' thank you soooo much.. now for some much needed sleep


sorry but im a bit confused where to sit the mixture? on the gum to the side of ur tooth or on top of the tooth? im in agony please someone help


Omg thanks so much my husband has been in worst pain and we just tried this and it worked THANKKKKKK YOU SOOO MUCH !!!


You saved my night...was in pain for 5 hours, finally got here, thought this cannot work..but I was wrong....this little tip works!


Thax so much it really works


Omg!!!! Finally some relief, amazing how well it works. I've been in agony. My tooth bactually broke and you can see inside the tooth, tried everything this works. Going to have it pulled but til I get in this saved me, thank you sooo much

Andrea Dorsey

I try the oil (olive oil), pepper, salt. Wednesday night. The pain started easying off that night, but by Thursday morning I could not feel anymore pain. I have been eating drinking cold drinks, and my tooth is not hurting anymore. The doctor said I needed a root canal, but I did not have the money to do it with! So I found this remedy on the internet, and try it.


Which type of pepper do I use? Please let me know asap.


I am trying this now it's 3 am been in pain all night hoping to sleep now


thank you so much. Now to get some sleep.

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