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here's what u can do for pain...make a paste...drop of cooking oil (any oil will do fine),salt n pepper...mix them all three...get a piece of toilet paper...then dip it from the paste...then put it where the pain is, pack it in between the tooth...leave it in like 5 min...repeat like 3 will go away...(this will kill your nerve on your gum)i want to keep my teeth :)

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Amazing I never would have tried but all the comments I said what the heck And now I'm good to go thank you


it really works!!!thanks,thanks,thanks...


I too was in severe agony with an exposed nerve in my bottom left molar. Tried a blob of sensodyne on it, that worked for a bit. Then tried clove oil which numbed it slightly and then came back 10 times worse! Finally I tried this paste as a last resort and.... OMG THANK YOU!!!! Pain is a good 80-90% gone. Amazing.


You Truly are amazing ThankYou so so much


OMG its now 6hours later since i tried this and NOTHING!!! i haven't taken any pain relief except doing this 3 times IT TRULY IS AMAZING... i may have only got 3hours sleep but I'm only up cause i have work...CRAIG who eva you are THANKYOU :)

Mr. Durdin

I have been in constant pain for the past two weeks. Comes and goes, I have tried literally everything, as far as even weed. I have to say Craig, this is looking promising. I can't recommend this enough or thank you enough. Quite amazing so far sir.

Craigs #1 fan

O. M. G. Thank you! I'm on my second round and I no longer want to rip my tooth out. I tried several remedies on this site. Done worked ok, some didn't work at all. This one is awesome! It burns a little, but I think my funds were raw from some of the other things I tried. However, it is not anyway close to the pain from before. I am in awe of such an easy trick. Hope it lasts, but if not, I will make some to pack around with me. Thank you!!!!


I don't have any pepper fuck sake..have salt and cooking oil will that work??..or is there something to substitute the pepper let me no man..I am going to pull the tooth out with apliers..smoking j after j pain is no betterSean


Thkx , it worked for me


Uare so right it does work i.had a tooth aches for so long.its does work

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