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here's what u can do for pain...make a paste...drop of cooking oil (any oil will do fine),salt n pepper...mix them all three...get a piece of toilet paper...then dip it from the paste...then put it where the pain is, pack it in between the tooth...leave it in like 5 min...repeat like 3 will go away...(this will kill your nerve on your gum)i want to keep my teeth :)

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Does this really work ?


works for me...:)

Melissa in Oregon

You are a saint. I can't thank you enough for your post. I've been in tears frantically trying to figure out how to get rid of the horrible pain. I just came across your post and decided to try it. The pain is gone and I'm in tears but this timethey are tears of joy. Thank you sooooo much. God bless you.


thanks you so much I feel a lot better


Im trying it now the pain is letting up, does it permanently kill the nerve?? Please say yes!!


Wow worked for me thanks a million


im so glad i tried this!!!! it works!!!! thank you so much!! now i can get sleep(:

danielle from Fort Lauderdale Florida

Thank you so much ! This helped me a lot ! It didn't completely take away the pain but it went from 100% painful to 30%. Definitely took away a good chunk of pain ! It's 4 am and I can go back to bed thanks to this remedy !!!!!
Thanks again !


How much salt and how much pepper?!?! I am so desperate!!! The pain is so terrible that it has me up for several hrs!!!!


omg this really works I think I saw part of the root come out on the 1st paper pack

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