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Erica White

After Coming home from visitation at her fathers house, my 5 yr old daughter had head lice! I treated her and told her father that he needed to treat the area she slept in! well low and behold the next time she came back from his house she had it AGAIN!!!!!! extremely frustrated and after reading 6 pages of remedies on this site, I have developed my own! It's simple and cost roughly $2 and about 4 hours of your time!
Take vaseline and rub along the hairline all the way from the forehead to the nap of the neck and back up the other side closing off any path of escape. then take regular vegetable oil (room temperature), saturate the hair from root to tip using a regular comb. make sure that the hair is completely covered and that the scalp is soaked also! ball hair up or us a small clip to hold it in place wrap the entire area with saran wrap (plastic wrap) and leave it on for about 3 hours. leave the ears uncovered though. after the 3 hours, remove the plastic wrap and take green apple scented palmolive ultra dish washing liquid, using the same steps as before starting at the root gently work the detergent into the hair without creating a lather when this process is finished comb through hair again with a regular small comb and rinse with the hottest water you can stand! not only does it suffocate the lice, it also loosens the eggs (Nits) from the hair and allows them to just wash away with no combing. It also conditions your hair in the process, its like getting a hot oil treatment without the hot! repeat the process every 3 days for the next 12 days. and you will be lice free! that is if you treat your house as well by washing all bedding, and spraying all furniture! anywhere your head has touched! As a single mother of 3 kids, and with super long, THICK, NATURAL CURLY HAIR! The idea of using one of those Nitt combs horrified me! this is perfect! AND IT WORKS! AND ITS CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!!!!! GOD BLESS -Erica

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i have always used the oil treatment but never thought of leaving the dish soap on for a while either. my daughter has lice right now and she is getting upset cause every 3 days i have to do something to her head and its very frustrating. this i will have to try right now and im crossing my fingers it works.



I have two girls that came home with head lice. After trying many different things nothing seemed to work. After a couple days of fighting these criters, I began to feel itchy my self UUGGGHHHH I had it before i knew it. I took your advise and tryed it on my self first. I used regular vegetable oil soaked in head for 30 mins, covered with a shower cap. After i washed hair with Palmolive dish washing soap twice, then i soaked suave coconut conditioner for about 30 mins. Sure enough i was itch free. After blow drying i flat ironed and my haire was not only bug and nit free, but it was Shiny and glossy and looked strong and healthy. Thank you Erica!!! GOD BLESS, Wish the best of you luck in your battle of lice!!!


Hi I was wondering if there's a British alternative to using Palmolive Dish Soap? As we don't get it over here. Have tried all treatments for my daughter and your remedy sounds good!


Thank you sooooo much for this! A mother of three myself the idea of having to buy in total 5 nix treatments for the whole family horrified me. Who would have ever thought vegetable oil? Pure genuis!

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