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Remove genetically modified foods from your diet. These can cause leaky gut due to gene transference of the BT toxin producing gene which then causes your gut flora to begin producing that same toxin which the genetically modified plant was (this was the result of the one human study on GMO foods). From here, you develop intestinal permeability which then allows proteins which have not been fully digested to pass into your blood stream. Your immune system views these improperly digested proteins as foreign invaders (they should have been broken down into amino acids before being absorbed) and launches an attack against them. This is how allergies, and subsequently asthma, develops. Leaky gut can be caused from more things than just GMO foods, but they are a big player in the increase of illness frequency that we're seeing nowadays.

Now, you should do an elimination diet (google it) to see which foods you react to. These foods must be removed from your diet while you repair the tight junctions of your intestines. Aloe vera, colostrum, homemade bone broths are some things which will help speed up the process. If you're not digesting your food properly try taking digestive enzymes. This will help also.

Finally, read up about the research done by Dr. Weston Price and his work Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He did studies in epigenetics (the change of gene expression across generations based on environment). His conclusion was that we must return to traditional diets to regain our health. Another good read is Deep Nutrition. This gives a good overview, and practical application, of Price's work, and the research of others. It will help in the case of asthma as you will lower inflammation following such a diet.

Do not cook with vegetable oils such as canola oil. They are unstable in heat, will create inflammation-producing trans fats, and have gone through many processes to be refined. Butter or coconut oil are better choices. There is nothing unhealthy about the saturated fat in these. Saturated fat has a strong history of successful use in cultures all around the world. Do your research here.

Finally, you will see warnings about dairy being a cause of asthma. This only applies to the homogenized and non organic dairy. Grass-fed full-fat non homogenized dairy is a completely different product, and most anti-dairy studies do not take this into account.

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