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I did the clove of garlic/only had already diced so packed it around the tooth and after the aloted time, I can feel the throbbing but not the excruciating pain anymore, thanks for the tip

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Tata aligato

Thank you so much for your recomemdation,, it realy helps.


Just used the pre-minced garlic for about 10 min and the pain is almost gone. It works really well. Thanks.


Never check with the dentist for a couple of years and last one month ago, started the pain together w serious headache. When i went to the dentist first time, she extracted my lower right 7th tooth. Also she advised me to extract 8th on lower jaw and 6th on upper. All r decay teeth at my right hand side. really scare to extract another 2. Took antibiotic and pain killer but one week after, the 2 teeth pain like hell. Pain killer, brush my teeth n use Listrine also cant use. It all can relief about 10 mins. So try to see the dentist but i cant get the appointment within one week. About 5days, the pain kill me especially at the night time. Too much headache. Sleepless night n cant concentrate at work Finally, last night around 11 i cant stand the pain n google it. Found this website, read all and decided to try Garlic Clove coz this is the easiest thing that i can find in the kitchen. After putting the garlic into the hole n cover beside of my teeth, i can feel the throbbing as u said but it's not a pain. I wait the feeling of my teeth about 15 mins n went to bed. OMG!!!! What a magic of garlic. I can sleep the whole night peacefully. No pain. No headache. Thanks for this advice. I love it n i will share to other ppl.


i hate garlic. I'm like a vampire in that sort of way. but this post looks promising. I'm gonna try that..hope i could get a good night's sleep.

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