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Ive had migraines for 4years now and being only almost 20 it sucks Ive been on topamate and now Im on Zonisamide.... neither of which are helping very much... they have done MRI's and neroligical tests.... cuz I used to get them daily back in Febuary and now they are back, I dont know if going to the ER is the right choice because I feel they wont do anything to help. Any ideas? Ive heard the MSG thing is a possiblility but I dont have a list...

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I had Chronic daily migraines for 6 months, I stopped eating onions, onion powder etc and they stopped except a 2 a month or so.


MSG and a lot of other similar preservatives have always been a big migraine trigger for me. As well as aspartame and any other artificial sweeteners....those trigger my worst migraines. Something I avoid.


I have had migraines since I was 18, I am now 44. I avoid MSG, nitrates, dark chocolate, aged cheeses, blue cheese, NutraSweet and all artificial sweeteners,and smoke flavor foods.

Jon Mercier

MSG n gluten are both bad for people that have migraines, my wife has them 3 to 6 times a day when she ate food with either/both MSG n gluten when we stopped eating food with these she is now down to only 1 to 3 a day for the ones that still remain we use vicks vapor rub or Advil or Tylenol not a quick fix but makes it live able.


Try rubbing Vicks vapor rub ( original scent) on temple's and your cheek bones.

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