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Ok so I was with a guy who stuck his finger in my ass. I was naieve. Weeks later I could feel and see small white pinhead bumps just inside the opening of my anus. They would grow. They bleed when I wipe and itch like crazy. Tried tea tree oil did not work. Finally I got
compound W, the gel tube, not the bottle. I take those thin disposable latex gloves, pull off a finger, put it over my finger, and put a drop of the compound W gel on the covered finger and put it on my anus. The first few times it burned like hell. but after a while it actually felt good. it kills the itch right away and coats the itchy skin and dries. eventually no pain applying, it feels like a deep heat rub. Warts eventually got so small I could not see but if I ever have itching/bleeding which I do occasionally I apply more of the gel. I know it is acid and says do not use on the anus but I wanted these gone. It feels good to apply it and it is the only thing that gets them under control I wonder tho if there are any deeper in the anus where I cannot see them, I tried sticking my covered finger in there with compound W on it and it felt great.

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