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First, immediately take a hot shower and scrub off the chiggers!!!!Now,Scratch bite until it bleeds, or feels better, then rub hydrocortisone cream on welt. Then when it itches, every time when you go to scratch , you'll feel an excrement on the bite(like it's pushing the infection out)Then scratch that off, and immediately put more hydrocortisone cream on.( do this as needed, maybe 5 times in a day.) Then between the second or third day of doing this , do the same procedure, but rub rubbing alcohol on after scratching off excretion from the bite. You'll notice after the second to third day that the welts are getting smaller and drying up. Should feel better in 4 days if you do this every day.

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That 'excretion' you are talking abut is your own body fluids from the scratching. Why do people say to scratch until it bleeds?! That is nuts. Invitation to infection.

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