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so i woke up this morning with a horrible ear pain and naturally i called my mother and she simply suggested to putting vapor rub on a small piece of a napkin and then put it in my ear and then do the rice heating pad incredibly my ear pain is gone so i have to say thanks mom<3

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my man came home from work tonight complaining about ear ache. he had painkillers, still in pain,trying the vapour treatment just now,fingers crossed. still long do you keep it in ear??


My 3yr old was screaming, crying and pulling on his ear. Within a minute of putting Vic's on a wash cloth and puttiputting it in his ear, he is feeling better. Thank you to your mom from us too!


It really works i just tried it and the piercing pain stopped now i can sleep but still have ear infection. Thanks for this remedy


OMG thank you for posting this! My 5 year old has been crying all night with an ear ache. We are away from home for the holiday and there's no way we can see her doctor. The Vapo Rub worked like a charm! I just wish I would have looked the up 5 hours ago and gotten more sleep. ;)


my ear has been hurting for days now. i just got the idea to come to this cite. i was wondering, does this work on swimmers ear too?


yup it works every time!!my Mom and Myself DO IT ALL THE TIME. Once told it to my cousin and she was amazed how it work too.

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