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so i woke up this morning with a horrible ear pain and naturally i called my mother and she simply suggested to putting vapor rub on a small piece of a napkin and then put it in my ear and then do the rice heating pad incredibly my ear pain is gone so i have to say thanks mom<3

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I had lots.if ear aches when i was little and when i went ti the doc they told me vapor is bad for ur ear


I didn't have any oil oil, so found this post and had vapor rub. Put some on a lil piece of napkin and within 2-3 minutes my 4 year old daughters ear stopped hurting!!! Thank you for posting


Praying it works. My husband never shows emotion and he's in tear's b/c of his ear ache. I hate seeing him like this. I'll keep you all posted and let ya know what happens. Finger's crossed.


I wasn't sure it would work, but it was worth a try. Thank You, within minutes my ear stopped hurting. I have always used vicks when I was sick, just never used it for my ear before. Thank you!


I woke up with a stinging ear pain so thought I would give it a try. Thank you it went a away quick. Definitely something I will remember

Joel G

It really works!! wow thanks all i really wanted to pull out my ear from so much pain. tried this out and within a minute for me it stop hurting but my ear was burning from the vicks i guess... thanks again!


Thanks really dose work my daughter is feelin better:)


the vapor rub worked like magic on my 8 yr old.


Definitely helps!! Thanks!! Just curious but do you leave the napkin in your ear even if your sleeping??


My daughter was screaming saying her ear was hurting. I have 7 small children ages 7,6,5,4,3,2, and 4 months so I was packing everyone up to get ready to go to the doctor. I was not in the mood to have to take them all so I looked at this post. I tried all of them but when I did this one my daughter said it don't hurt nomore immediately. I was like are you sure and she said yes my pain is gone. Thank you so much for your post.

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