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When my girl was a baby she had a bad...Really bad case of diaper rash from being sick & having lots of diarhrea where it was so red & oozing & painful for her & not powder, desitin, baths & keeping diaper off her was working & it was so hard to know she was in so much pain. Nothing I was doing for her was easing her pain & her crying & screaming in tears..It was terrible..Then I had a brainstorm...I thought if my Cow's utter cream works wonders on her soar chapped weathered Teats..It must be good stuff..So I ran & got it & gobbed it on my baby's poor butt & right away my baby felt relief & next morning it was gone..seemed like a miracle..It's just fantastic stuff...comes in a big yellow tube & is a real thick creamy ointment similar to desitin & you can get it at any feed store..It blows desitin away..Cow's Utter Ointment..Go Figure..But from that day on , that's the only ointment I used on my baby & she never went through that again..Never got diaper rash again.I know it's not totally a home remedy, I guess, unless you live on a farm but I wanted to share that with all mom's with babies that get alot of diaper rash. It's worth finding a feed Store & getting a tube of that stuff..You will have a much happier & healthier little butt :)

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Girl u r amazing.... It is halloween and my son has the worst rash ever he is in so much pain he is just crying. I looked up remidies and found this one. So I went out and found the cream u said to get and wow did it work... within min.HE was up walking and playing again. Thank u so much. U saved my son's first Halloween. I will now tell everyone about this thanks again........


Hi Laurie,
Can you give me the brand or the name of the udder cream? I found Udderly Smooth udder cream and Dr Hess udder ointment. Is it any of those? Please help! My baby is in agony and nothing works so far, the rash spread all over her body..


Is it the corona Multi Purpose Ointment stuff that your talking about. I love it sooo much my husbands mom lived on a farm and thats the first thing she gave us when our daughter was born it last forever


Hi laurie and mych
Thanx for sharing ur experiences,can u please
Tell the brand or company name of that udder ointment please,as my son has the same problem from his birth...
I shall be very thankful to u.


Thank you. I live no where near a farm but I got lucky I found this stuff called bag bom at the local store it works great my son is back to his old self in a matter of hours thank you


hey ive used this stuff on all 3 of my children and my grandmother who does daycare has used it since i can remember and it really works!


what is a Feed store,and is it safe to use on all babies,i need that stuff,wot If i dont live near a farm,its the first time my baby has a rash it scares me,looks terrible cause im very punctual on changing her nappy,dont understand why she has a rash,can it be that her wee is stronger as she is teething?


Go on amazon and search bag balm. It's about $14.00 for two canisters. Bought it for oldest. Daughters eczema. Then used it for diaper rash...amazing product.


I think I know what your talking about, its called

Corona Multi Purpose Ointment and even though its for animals its works really great for baby rashes. Both my sisters use it for their babys and it works wonders

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