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i actually dont have a remedy, but im still filling the effects of what i think was a panic attack my chest is sore my heart 'was beating fast) and i felt like i was dying i had convince myself that today was the last day i had and that it would be over sonner than later i actually just started having these problems and its from the use of marijuana i had quite for awhile since i had my first one and felt alot better so i figured id try smoking again well people i was wrong, it immediatly made it worse and everyone was freaking out because i was saying im gonna die im gonna die but so far i havent so im thankful for that but ive finally decided pot just isnt for me and it probably wouldnt hurt to quit cigarettes either doctors took my blood and had chest xrays done and they said it doesnt seem to my heart that they couldnt determine the cause, but it has to be panic attacks ive read the symptoms, and i always have them all,rapid heart rate,numb fingers, sense of the end as they put it had that one today didnt care much for it lol i dont know if its my body and stress or if its just the pot but i do know one thing i sure as hell am done with pot but i found this website because i was concerned had to find out if it was a pnaic attack and the severity of the condition im still hurting but its nice to know im not alone thanks everyone for your posts they have helped

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Ms L.

wow matthew thank you so much for your post. I don't smoke weed. I did a couple of times but it wasn't for me. I do know what you mean about thinking this is it because this same thing just happened to me this week. I went to the ER for dizziness, feeling like i was going to pass out, take flight out of control, heart palpitations, heaviness and lightness in my chest..scary! But I found out last night by accident that I have been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. I can relate to the sleeping situation as well. I am going into psychotherapy and getting tested for sleep apnea. There is help available and I am glad for that.


Omg we sound alike , ur story is the same as mine. All happened after smoking . Everything is exactly me. Its very weird but I'm glad I've found someone who's story is like mine and going threw it. Id like to talk to u about it. Maybe get advice or talk about what where going through if u want to email me , thanks


i will tell u why it gets worse with pot.. pot affects your hormones and the cause of what u have going on 90% sure is u have a hormonal imbalance.. that is exactly what is going on with me and it is due to a hormonal imbalance.. my hormonal imbalance was caused by an IUD (birth control) and i have been dealing with this since april or may.. i had the IUD removed in june (6 months early) and my body is still out of wack bc of that little device.. i hate these panic attics and anxiety, i talk myself out of a lot of them and sometimes pot triggers them but it all depends on what my hormone level is like that day.. the week before my period starts is an epic fail :( xannex help me.. kolonopins do too


Matthew thanks your post. I don't smoke pot or have ever smoked pot but I know what you went thru. I recently had an anxiety attack while in the freeway and I ended up in the hospital. I was able to pull to the side of the freeway. Than I was taking to the hospital.


For some people pot can be very relaxing. But for some people it has a total opposite effect and can make you very paranoid. And a panic attack is basically just paranoia, or at least the ones that I have. Panic attacks are absolutely no fun, and if you're not careful they'll keep you from doing things you enjoy. I'd suggest seeing a psychiatrist to get you on something to help, at least until you can find a coping mechanism or some sort of therapy that works for you.

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