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My empathy to all who experience tooth pain. These tooth issues are turning horrific for many of us. And thanks to all who shared their experiences here, you all offered helpful insights.

I think all the things I have been trying are working to one degree or another. I had to go to the store for some of these, but had several already in home.

1) Warm salt water swishes
2) Diluted hydrogen peroxide swishes
3) Mouthwash swishes (alternating 1-3)
4) 'oil pulling' w/coconut oil (google it)
4) Crushed garlic placed on tooth/gum with herbal tea bag holding it in place
5) Clove oil on tooth/gumline
6) Colloidal Silver

I no longer take antibiotics, so I rely on my immune system or natural immune system boosters to resolve issues like this. We tend to forget, immense amounts of bacteria is in our body all the time and unless we know we have serious immune system issues, our body is the best defense to fight infection.

FWIW, for those who quickly run to antibiotics, you may want to consider the latest findings with regards to them. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been announcing in 2012 that the overuse of antibiotics is (in general) having very serious consequences.

Hang in there.

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Charles Gilbert

I have a low-grade tooth infection on the roots of my teeth which is causing my dentist to recommend extraction.
I am going to try to sterilize my jaw.
1. Large doses of vitamin C (iHerb 3 lbs calcium ascorbate) see Linus Pauling Institute; Dr. Thomas Levy, 'Curing the Incurable')
2. Garlic by consumption, mouthwash, and also on the gum of the primary tooth.
3. Colloidal silver - Q-Tip on gum of primary tooth.
4. Immune-enhancing vitamins - echinacea etc
5. Fasting to lower sugar in blood to minimum.
6. Prayer (Dr. Murphy's book on subconscious)
7. Autosuggestion (Dr. Murphy also)
8. Organic Acids - to promote alkaline healing (vinegar, lime juice, etc)
9. Bio-electrification - pass 200uA into the tooth and gum of tooth to directly electrocute the fungus (1993 US Patent issued to Kaali et al)

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