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Tooth pain is the worst pain out there, & I'm sure ppl who are searching this site agree. I don't have dental insurance & when my tooth starts to hurt I do almost anything to make it better.

1. If you have abcess or inflammation, I suggest swishing with Bacardi 151, or some kind of strong vodka. It BURNS LIKE HELL but it works. Once you finish swishing, DO NOT SWALLOW. Spit it all out just in case your mouth is infected.
2. Listerine helps, I use the purple kind. I hold it in my mouth on the side where the pain is.
3. Garlic Cloves - they really do help. Chop one in half & put it between your tooth & your gum, or even lightly chew on it. If you have absess, you might hear it PoP. Garlic is great for inflammation.
3. Ibuprophen. I've tried all pain reliveers, & if you don't have an RX for something.. Ibuprophen works well. Take the RX dosage which is 800mg.

Ambesol & all that junk has never worked for me, if you have real tooth pain, then 9 times out of 10, those products won't work for you. .

I know how bad it hurts, so I really hope I have helped someone out there.

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my toothake is sooo pain full I would say brrush your teeth if that dosnt work I dont know what dose


had terrible toothache, after reading the instant pain relief from Garlic, I just chop the garlic in thin slice and rub it on the affected gum and tooth, I was amased that I was pain free within a minute.What a relief and thanks for the good advice.


tea bags help aswell for short term relief.

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